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What kind of meats and specialty meats can you buy at Sam's Meats?

Alligator meat
Barber's Poultry
Choice and Prime Aged Beef
Colorado Game Meats and Elk
Ducks and Duck Breasts
East Coast Veal
Fresh and Frozen Seafood
Glazed Hams (honey, honey mustard,
or cherry glaze)
Goat Meat
Homemade and Specialty Sausages
Louisiana Products
Mountain Meadow Lamb
Rocky Mountain Natural Bison
Whole Crawfish
Whole Pheasants
Whole Rabbits
Whole Roasting Pigs
and Wood Chips and Chunks

Pet food

Dog Bones
Raw Meat for Pet Food

Customized Services

Custom Smoking
We specialize in the craft of smoking meats. Our smoked meats are so mouth-watering and will ensure the ultimate hunger satisfaction!

In House Old Fashion Custom Cutting (Rouladen, Jerky, City Chicken etc...)
Everything at Sam’s is cut on the premises in order to insure the highest quality standards possible. We carry all of your more traditional cuts, yet it’s actually fun to be able to accommodate those special requests, such as those 2” Porterhouse steaks, Rouladen, Philly and you name it and I’d venture to say we’ve cut it.

Knife Sharpening- Need your cooking knives sharpened?
Just drop off your knives at Sam's Meats. $4.99 per knife. Available for pick up the following Tuesday.

Sam’s goal is to keep the family value of quality meals in the home, there’s really nothing quite like the memory of a great home cooked meal shared with friends and loved ones. We feel this can easily be achieved when starting off with the highest quality standards of meat and seafood. We do offer a full array of seafood as well. In fact, I believe you’ll be simply amazed at what you’ll discover in our store.    

NOW SERVING Thumann's All Natural Deli Meat

NO Antibiotics
NO Growth Hormones
No Stressful Livestock Environments
No Nitrates or Nitrites
NO Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives
NO Fillers
NO Casein
NO Glutens